The use of an Auto Responder Email program, can greatly increase a client’s sales conversions.  They are typically easy to set up and not much to manage.  They are used to automatically send an email to a customer or prospect.

The hardest part of marketing is obtaining targeted prospects contact information.  Once you have it, you can skillfully present to your prospect important information that will help them make a buying decision.  It also helps to create loyalty and trust with the sender.

 The following are some tips to help a run an effective Auto Responder program:

  1. Leading them down a Path – With effective automated emails, you can lead your prospect down a buying path.  Organize your emails to provide opportunities and reasons for them to buy from you.
  2. From Who – In setting up your auto responder emails you’ll be asked to input who the email is from.  The receiver will see this when the message is sent to them.  Put in an identifier that they will recognize from spam emails.  Your business name or your personal name are good choices.
  3. Subject Line – Put a brief identifying subject for your email.  Something that will help them see the value and recognize the source.  If you are sending multiple emails over a period of time, put different subject lines in, as some spam filters will filter out emails with the same subject lines used.
  4. Width of your Message – Try to stay to 60 to 70 characters wide on your email page.  If you go wider on your text, some email readers will have your text split up all over the place and make it difficult to read.
  5. Composing your Message – Use Note Pad, or something basic in your operating system to compose your message.  Do not use a word processor like Word, as it will add in strange keystrokes and carriage returns and your text will end up all over the page.  A basic Note Pad program produces a basic text format without all the rosy additions.  You want your message to be read by all recipients, so keep it as basic as possible.  Also, spam filters are less rigid on plain text.
  6. Avoiding Spam Filters – Be careful to not use common sales words that spam filters look for and block. Avoid such words or phrases as: Reverses Aging, Viagra, Impotence, Fat loss, Consolidate debt, The best rate, Money Making, Strong buy, Free, accept major credit cards, etc. For more words visit:
  7. Simple and Short – Keep your copy simple, short and to the point.  People won’t read long emails.
  8. Frequency – Do not send out your emails too often.  No more than once per week.  Twice per month is the industry standard.  Also, consider the day of the week.  Tuesday through Thursday is much better than Monday or Friday, the two busiest business days of the week.
  9. Closing your Email Message – At the end or close of each email message needs to have a Call to Action.  The Call to Action should not be vague like, “For more information call this number.”  It needs to be a direct call to action, telling the reader the next step to take.  The reader knows why you are sending the email, basically you are trying to make a buying customer out of him.  So at the end of your email, tell him why he should be buying from you and ask him to make a decision.

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