Basic’s for Writing Good Page Content

Below are some basic guidelines for writing content. I’ve also included a good Keyword Density Analyzer Tool for you to use to make sure your main keywords are within a two to five percent range within your content.


  1.  Determine your primary keyword and secondary keywords. Use approximately two to five percent of your ideal keywords throughout the article to increase your page rank. Use the keywords naturally, and use them only once for every 100 words you write.
  2.  Find a photograph that relates to your content and use the keyword in the photo description tag. The image also provides visual interest for readers.
  3.  Link your own and outside content in relevant areas of your text, but do not overdo it. Too many links makes the text difficult to read, and it looks unnatural.
  4.  Write conversationally but confidently about your subject matter. Ideally, your content should be between 500 and 700 words in length. Break up the information into paragraphs with sub heads. If your content doesn’t make sense, or it doesn’t convey useful information, your page will likely drop in rank.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check your SEO keywords with an online tool showing you what percentage of your content contains your keywords.
  • Punctuation doesn’t matter in keyword phrases, so “pregnancy. Symptoms” is the same as “pregnancy symptoms.” The plural version of your keyword is not the same and should not be included.
  • Overuse of keywords in your SEO content may flag your content as spam and drop your website’s rank.

 Keyword Density Analyzer Tool:

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