Bounce Rates

Bounce RatesOver the years there has been a lot written on bounce rates. A bounce rate is the percentage of visits that arrive on a website, visit no other pages, and then leaves. Bounce rate is an insightful metric that can tell you a lot about the performance of your website and the quality of your content.  From a conversion perspective, working at lowering your bounce rate will help you to increase sales as visitors linger longer.

Looking at retailers, especially the grocery industry, the goal of keeping people in their store is an important one. It is interesting to note that the number one item in which consumers go to a grocery store for are dairy products, especially milk. Have you ever seen dairy products located at the front of the store for your convenience? Never. It is always located at the back of the store. Because of that, it keeps you in the store longer, encouraging you to spend more.

Next time you go to the grocery store, also notice how the grocery isles are situated. The cookies, pastries, candy and soda pop isles are usually lined up between the front door and the dairy products. The products on these isles are impulse items with higher margins. Also notice how often an Oreo’s display is right next to the milk. Oreo’s and milk anyone?

So paying attention to bounce rates and their changes, is an important one. Like grocery stores, you want to keep your Internet visitors in your web store as long as possible, enticing them to linger longer. The principle here is that the longer they stay, the more they buy.

As far as bounce rate as a ranking factor, this has been a long debated topic. Matt Cutts, of Google, has been asked this question thousands of times. His response is not necessarily yes or no, rather, it is an important metric to pay attention to. The fact that Google tracks bounce rates in Webmaster Tools, as well as Google Analytics, should be a good indicator that this metric is important to them. For a search engine’s algorithm, measuring the time that a visitor stays on a website, should be a good indicator of the quality of that website, thus giving it greater value in the rankings.

So paying attention to your bounce rates will help you to determine how you are doing in keeping your customers interested and engaged, as well as giving you some value in your rankings.

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