Google Changes Page Rank in Dec 2013

PageRankNo one was expecting Google to change page rank in 2013, after Matt Cutts announced in October of 2013 that Google would not be updating page rank anytime soon, yet on December 6, 2013 Google rolled out a surprise page rank as part of Google’s team fixing another backend service.

Cutts confirmed the page rank update in his twitter post at 12:29 PM, December 6, 2013, when he said “A rare PageRank update: Team was fixing a different backend service and did a PR update along the way.”

It was a surprise to most, since Cutts just months earlier in one of his “Answer a question videos,” responded to a question “Why isn’t my site’s PageRank Changing?” ¬†Matt went on to explain in this video that the Google toolbar, which displays the pagerank, was not getting used as much, and so Google decided to scale back the updates of pagerank on the toolbar, even though pagerank is still a big part of Google’s algorithm.

It is important to keep in mind that pagerank is about measuring the number of links going to a website page. having a good backlink structure is still important in keeping your web page ranking high in Google’s search engine.

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