Google+ & Google +1

There’s been a lot of recent discussion¬† about Google Plus (Google+). What is it? How does it work? How does it benefit business? The answers to these questions are unfolding as the program moves forward.¬† Google+ was launched in June of 2011 as a beta (invite-only) phase and then later was opened to all.

So what is it? It is a social network where individuals and businesses can create profiles, interact via Hang Outs, and share text, photographs, videos, links, etc. The Google+ network should not be confused with Google’s +1 Button, which is a social sharing button that can be added to websites or emails and appears in Google search results. Both are equally important for our SEO strategy in improving rank and traffic. The program had a rocky start, but is gaining the attention and respect of the SEO community as it continues to grow and develop. It is being viewed as something that we need to pay attention to if we want Google’s rank love.

How does it work? The Google+ page works much like Facebook (Google’s attempt to compete with Facebook’s social network). You can set up an individual page, and then you can add additional pages that can represent businesses, clubs, or other interests. You then start inviting people to join your circles of friendship, make posts, share pictures, much like Facebook.

As mentioned above, the Google +1 button allows users, who are signed into a Google account, to share websites and videos they like. We are in the process of adding this button to our social media strategies. Google has said that they will take +1 numbers into account when calculating search rankings.

How does it benefit business…more importantly our business? – The Google+ pages, over time, will build and develop supporters, much like Facebook, who are interested in boating and boating related activities, sharing photos, stories and videos, as well as branding, its products and services. The Google +1 will add ranking value as you get your customers to +1 us on your search listings and web pages.

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