Google Grows in Search Domination

Google Dominates SearchAccording to ComScore, Google hit 67% market share of US search volume in January 2013, up from 66.7% in December. Google continues to grow in search engine domination, with Bing a distant 2nd place at 16.5% of the US search volume, up from 16.3% in December. However, Bing’s increase can be attributed to Yahoo’s ongoing decrease, as the combined Bing/Yahoo has remained at 29% share for some time.

The overall core search volume was up 9.6% nationwide, compared to January of last year, coming in at 19.5 billion. ComScore indicates that the core search volume does not include contextually-driven searches like those that happen when users click on a photo gallery and the next image is actually a search result.

Searching on the Internet continues to grow each year.

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