Google Image Search

There are three basic elements of an Internet web page: Text, Images and Videos. These three come in different variations and presentations, but are what make up a web page.  Google’s algorithm has done a pretty good job in crawling and ranking text, and is improving on images and videos.

I’d like to share some ideas with images. Google has added a new feature to their Google Image Search page. ( This feature allows you to click and drag an image onto their search bar,  displaying all the results, Internet-wide, which match that image. The feature is particularly helpful in finding websites that are using and/or displaying your images. It is also helpful to determine how widely used a certain image is on the Internet. The image search page will also display “visually similar images.” So if you are looking for just the right image to use on a web page, but don’t like the one you have, then these image suggestions would be helpful. Keep in mind that some images are copyrighted. So you’ll want to get approval before using someone’s image.

In the SEO world, Google Image Search becomes a useful tool in finding websites that are using your images. Once located, you can then ask them to give you proper credit for the image with a link back to your website. This is an easy and quick way to build up backlinks from images.

To optimize the images on your website, make sure all of your images have good keyword-specific titles, file names and alt tags. Research has indicated that file names and alt tags appear to be the biggest factors in helping the search engines to find your images and rank them.

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