Google’s 3 Steps to Optimizing Your Website

Google's One Page SEO Guide

Google’s One Page SEO Guide

Today, Google launched a new infographic on “Optimize Your Website.” (See image below)  Whenever Google comes out with anything new, it is always worth reviewing and exploring, as it gives additional insight into how Google looks at websites and ranks them.

In this infographic they emphasize three main areas:

  1. Look Good in the Search Results
  2. Help Google Understand Images
  3. Update and Keep Going.

Let’s look at each area and see what Google deems important elements to optimizing a web page:

Look Good in the Search Results

They focus on three important points: Page Title, Domain name and Meta Description. This supports the fact that they still put importance on Titles and Domains. Make sure your website title and your root domain and sub-folders are “descriptive and concise,” utilizing the keywords you want to rank for. They also stress the importance of good meta descriptions that are unique and summarize the web page.

Help Google Understand Images

Their crawler cannot read images, so it is important to give your images short, descriptive file names. The “alt” attribute helps Google to understand what the image is about. Adding a caption, as well as putting text around or close to the image, also helps Google to know what it is about. These few suggestions from Google will certainly help in ranking a web page, as well as ranking your images in an image search.

Update and Keep Going

This suggestion by Google is a clear signal that they (Their crawler) loves websites with fresh and updated content. To keep it fresh, they suggest starting a blog, announcing new products, sales and special offers. As a parting statement, they say to put yourself in the shoes of your customer and make sure you provide them with the information they need.

Following this newly released information from Google will certainly help to keep web pages ranking and showing up in Google.

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