Google’s New Structured Data in Webmaster Tools

In an ongoing effort for Google to show more transparency, today they launched a new feature in Google’s Webmaster Tools, listed as “Structured Data” under the Optimization section in the navigation. This is an important feature that will allow you to see what Google sees pertaining to the structured data of your website, such as rich snippets, used for search descriptions, and formats and schemas. Below is their announcement which came out this morning. Take some time to become familiar with this new feature, and how it will aid you in making adjustments to better optimize your website pages.

From Google’s Webmaster Tools Help:

Itemtype-level view
It also provides per-page details for each item type, as seen below:

Google parses and stores a fixed number of pages for each site and item type. They are stored in decreasing order by the time in which they were crawled. We also keep all their structured data markup. For certain item types we also provide specialized preview columns as seen in this example below (e.g. “Name” is specific to Product).

The default sort order is such that it would facilitate inspection of the most recently added Structured Data.

Page-level view
Last but not least, we have a details page showing all attributes of every item type on the given page (as well as a link to the Rich Snippet testing tool for the page in question).

Webmasters can use the Structured Data Dashboard to verify that Google is picking up new markup, as well as to detect problems with existing markup, for example monitor potential changes in instance counts during site redesigns.

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