Google’s New Update in Webmaster Tools Search Queries

Google just introduced a new update in Google Webmaster Tools. When in the “Search Queries” function you’ll see a timeline annotation “update”. When hovering over the “update” word the following phrase pops up, “An improvement to our top search queries data was applied retroactively on 12/31/13.”

Google Update

Noticeable changes from this update are: Showing exact data points and not rounded numbers; New and improved keyword data for your URL’s in the “Top Pages” section.

In Google’s Webmaster Central Blog they stated, “To help jump-start your year and make metrics for your site more actionable, we’ve updated one of the most popular features in Webmaster Tools: Data in the search queries feature will no longer be rounded/bucketed… the search queries feature gives insights into the searches that have at least one page from your website shown in the search results. It collects these “impressions” together with the times when users visited your site – the “clicks” – and displays these for the last 90 days.”

Take some time to explore the “Top Pages” section. This section will give some better insight into the impressions, clicks and click through rates (CTR), along with the ranking position and change, for each of your top pages. It allows you to drill down on each page to see the top search queries of the page, showing the impressions and clicks that each query has received over a certain period of time, up to the last 90 days. Here you will be able to determine keywords that may need more emphasis in title tags or content.

According to John Mueller from Google, this update will roll out over the next couple of days.

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