How Many Internal Links Per Page?

How many links should a website page have pointing to other pages? This has been an ongoing discussion in the SEO community. Google guidelines state “Keep the links on a given page to a reasonable number.” In a 2009 blog post by Matt Cutts of Google, he reemphasized this position, and stated that they should be “fewer than 100.” Google has since taken the “fewer than 100” number out of their guidelines, but still encourage keeping the links on a page to a reasonable number.

John Mu, a Google engineer stated, “100 links to a page is just a suggestion … There are pages out there with more than 100 links, and it isn’t an issue. If your page is sufficiently authoritative, Google is going to be interested in the pages that are being recommended by that page.”

Although Google is no longer giving a number-limit for links on a page, they are still encouraging to keep them to a reasonable number. It is important to understand that each link on a page is dividing up and passing page rank through that link.  A page with 400 outbound links is going to pass a minuscule amount of page rank versus a page with 100 links., offers a tool on their website which grades the on-page SEO optimization of a website page.  One of the factors they grade is internal links on the page. They say, “Employing an excessive quantity of internal-pointing links may not directly harm the value of a page, but it can influence the quantity of link juice sent through those links and dilute it’s ability to help get link targets crawled, indexed and ranked.” Their recommendation is “to scale down the number of internal links to fewer than 100 (preferably), and at a minimum, fewer than 300.”

Excessive outbound links could also be considered spam and the search engines may not give those links any value at all. So be cautious in the number of links on a page, keeping them to a reasonable, useful number.

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