Images That Add Traffic

Image TrafficThe adage “A picture is worth a thousand words,” can also be rephrased in the Internet world as “A picture is worth a thousand clicks.”

Images, when used and formatted properly on websites, can add a thousand clicks. They are great for driving traffic in a number of different ways.

Image Placement – Good image placement can draw attention to a call to action, to complete a task, such as clicking a link or filling out a form. The image needs to be relevant to the area it is placed next to.
Image File Name – Instead of naming the image with something like “image00234.jpg,” use a keyword specific file name. Google can’t read images, but they can read file names, thus giving your web page more relevancy towards the keyword used.
Image Alt Tag – Using a keyword specific alt tag description also adds to the keyword relevancy of the web page as Google reads the alt tag in their crawls.
Image Link – Make the image a clickable link. It will direct the user to where you want them to go, and also creates another internal link for the website.
Image searches – Having good descriptive file names and alt tags will not only improve on-page keyword value for the keyword terms used, but will also improve the ranking of that image when users search for an image in the image search section of the browser. For example, if you click the image tab on a Google search and search for “bayliner boat,” the first image that is displayed has “bayliner245.jpg” as its file name, and “bayliner 245” as its alt tag, thus ranking high for bayliner. If you scroll down the page and inspect an image down lower on the search page, you’ll find that they have not used a good keyword specific file and alt tag. You will get a certain amount of click-through traffic from image searches.
Image Reposting – A lot of Internet users like to repost or reuse images they like. Pinterest is a prime example of the use of images on third party networks. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and many other social platforms are also being used with reposted images.

So as you add images to your web pages, or review images on your existing pages, make sure that the images have a  file name, alt tag and a link, if appropriate.

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