Marketing Clarity

When you are writing the text (content), along with the titles and subtitles on your web pages, write with clarity. Be clear as to what you want your cyber visitor to know about you or your product. The clearer and simplier you are with your content, provides an easier process for your visitor to find what they are looking for. Most web visitors skim and don’t fully read your content, so the use of bullets helps them in the skimming process.

With your use of bullets, keep them short and to the point. Even highlighting some important words or phrases will draw the appropriate attention to key points.

In writing your content, speak as though you are speaking to a friend. Make it a conversation, which leads your visitor down a path to an action, be it filling out your form, buying a product or calling you.

The natural use of specific keywords and keyword phrases throughout the page will encourage the search engines to rank your page higher, as well as present to your visitor the exact information they were searching for.

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