Matt Cutts Speaks at SES Conference in San Francisco

Matt Cutts of GoogleMatt Cutts, Google’s key engineer to Internet spam, was the keynote speaker at the SES Conference in San Francisco being held this week. His comments give us valuable insight with your SEO strategies.





The following are the highlights of his address:

  • Google’s goal is to improve their search engine to allow people to do quick research and get quick results, to make exploration faster.
  • They want ideal rankings and best quality search results.
  • He sees social becoming a bigger signal in the long term. The number of Twitter followers is a potential social signal. Shared, liked and tweeted web pages are all good indicators.
  • Google wants to reward sites that have good natural search signals.
  • Google is trying to be more transparent by letting webmastesr know of certain issues with their sites, such as hidden text and bad linking.
  • The goal of SEO should be to make websites more crawlable and faster. Avoid going overboard in buying links, doing comment spam links and keyword stuffing.
  • Google’s work of crawling and ranking websites is a huge undertaking. They crawl approximately 20 billion pages a day.
  • He said that Google finds it hard to determine who published what first. But overtime, Google can detect when one site seems to be publishing original content, while another site seems to be publishing duplicate content. Google’s ultimate goal is to show search results of websites with original content. They try to show the content they think came first or has most value.
  • Produce a site that will stand the test of time, a site that people will tell their friends about and bookmark.

To summarize, it is important that your website has original content and not duplicating content across multiple pages. Your valued pages need to be crawlable to Google. Produce a website that people will come back to and bookmark. You need to reduce the number of spammy keywords. And generate links from authority websites.

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