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Google's CEO Larry PageIn a recent article on Search Engine Watch, the author quoted Larry Page, CEO of Google, as saying that Google+ is the company’s (Google) “social spine.” This comment gives us some insight into how Google perceives Google+ and social engagement.

Traditionalists might respond that it is still all about search: that Google’s mission remains “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” (Google’s Mission Statement)  However, another perspective, that more carefully considers why Google+ is being pushed so aggressively, may suggest a slight addendum to their initial mission: “To enable engagement by organizing the world’s information and making it universally accessible and useful.”

Consider the following statistical percentages to see just how engaging the Internet has become:

  • 60 percent of Internet users access a search engine
  • 60 percent send or read email
  • 50 percent use a social networking site
  • 45 percent get news
  • 44 percent go online “for fun”
  • 35 percent look for information on a hobby or interest
  • 34 percent check the weather
  • 28 percent research a product or service
  • 28 percent watch a video

These activities can be grouped into one of two categories:

  • Search and retrieval
  • Engagement

Social engagement is becoming a way of life for most Internet users. So it becomes important to continue to build upon your social engagement with your Internet visitors through your social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, blogs, emails (The Review), and other media channels.

As you move forward in your marketing efforts, keep social branding in mind, engaging your online community with your brand.

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