Standing Out To Rank High

How to Stand OutThese past two years, with Google’s introduction of Panda (Devaluing duplicate content) and Penguin (Devaluing spammy links), have been real¬† game-changers in the SEO world. Google has refined and honed its algorithm to deliver the most relevant, unique result to a user’s search query.

Gone are the days of quick SEO tricks to rank a website. The new norm is, and really has always been, producing unique, original webpages that are exactly what the searcher is looking for, standing out from all the thousands, or even millions of other webpages vying for the same search term.

So how does one stand out from the crowd? Here are two important ways.

First, producing a webpage that has unique, compelling, relevant content that exactly meets the search engine’s search query. So, if you are selling a widget that a thousand other companies are selling, your widget webpage needs to be different than the other thousand webpages. It needs unique content, a unique sale’s proposition that screams “I am exactly what you are looking for and what you need, click here and buy.” Take the time to rewrite unique product descriptions, manufacturer guidelines and how to’s. It will make a big difference when Google is trying to decide,¬† out of the thousands of other pages, which page to serve up for this product .

Secondly, produce a webpage with such good value that other websites or individuals will refer your link. Facebook and Twitter are two good examples of platforms that are referring a lot of products and services. Adding value to a page, by way of testimonials, how to’s and videos, will give the searcher reasons to bookmark and recommend the page to others.

Since there are no more SEO gimmicks to help a page rank, investing time on each page to help it stand out from the crowd, will produce ongoing dividends for years to come.

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