The Internet Aids Political Campaigns

Internet and Political CampaignsWith the 3 presidential debates behind us, and less than a week for election day, just how has the Internet helped or hurt the grinding campaigns? According to a recent study by the Global Strategy Group, 64% of “persuadable voters” use the Internet to fact-check political candidates. If you watched any of the debates, there were a lot of challenged facts with both candidates. And, depending on which news networked you view, Fox (Republication slant) or all the other democratic-slanted news networks, they each serve up a tainted version. So searchers have taken to the Internet to double check the facts.

This study also found that a majority of persuadable voters in several battleground states – 58% – are using the Internet to look up candidates’ voting records or stances on the important issues of the day. 49% are getting their regular fill of election news online, and 53% said the Internet provides them “with the information they need.”

Are voters finding information on the Internet to be trustworthy? 62% trust the information they find online. That is equal to or on par with that of television and print.

So, whether it is a political campaign website or your website, people use the Internet to find answers to questions and to stay informed. Understanding this will help you to write compelling content and make your website more engaging for your visitors.

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