The Value Of Ranking #1 In Google

Value of Ranking #1 In GoogleAccording to a recent study conducted by our friends at, being ranked number one organically in the search engines receives 3.5 times more clicks than position number two. As shown in this chart, 1st position receives 53% of the clicks, 2nd position – 15%, 3rd position – 9%, 4th position – 6%, and 5th position – 4%. So, to increase our traffic, it is extremely important to rank #1.

It is important to continue to improve your ranking positions, applying SEO best practices. To achieve this you need to work at optimizing your web pages through proper keyword placement and balance, linking strategies, eliminating duplicate content, adding relevant content. As you do so, you’ll continue to grab more 1st place positions, thus increasing your traffic by 3.5 times more over 2nd positions.

It takes patience and a lot of hard work. But if you do a little each day, overtime you’ll see your ranking positions improve. And as they improve, your traffic should increase.

So don’t settle for #2. It is that #1 position that will make a big difference.



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