Top 10 Ideas For A Perfectly Optimized Page

Here are ten points that came from Search Engine Watch, outlining 10 important elements of a good optimized page for 2012:

  1. Title Tags – Are still important, but it’s not a good idea to over-optimize them.
  2. Descriptions – Still don’t appear to add much ranking value, but can help to encourage clicks.
  3. Header Tags – Still need to be relevant. (H1 to H3)
  4. URL – Still important to include the main keyword.
  5. Content – Will be the driving force this year for ranking. It’s about semantically relevant supporting keywords, not multiple mentions of the keywords. Important to use common sense when writing good content. Needs to flow naturally. The algorithms are getting really good in rewarding value-based content.
  6. Video – Can be useful on a page to increase engagement levels, reduce bounce rates and also to appear alongside results asĀ  illustrated.
  7. Internal Links – Need to follow the “reasonable surfer” patent. They need to follow a path that is pleasing and sensible to the user.
  8. Facebook/Twitter/Other Login Comments – Are a way of sharing the content on other platforms. It is a way of getting our website content in front of a large amount of people, who will then share it socially.
  9. User Reviews – Add regular, fresh content to the page. Google’s Panda Fresh update scores fresh content over aged content. Customer reviews is probably the best way to add fresh content to the page. Find ways to encourage customer comments or reviews.
  10. Newsfeeds – Share content that already exists elsewhere, but it contributes to an overall impression of the page changing on a regular basis.

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