Videos for Driving Traffic

YouTube VideosOf the many SEO strategies, video’s has been one of those strategies that bears fruit.  To help you better understand the reasoning behind this strategy,  let me share with you what the SEO industry has applied and tested, and what is working for us.







  1. Video is SEO friendly, Google-Panda friendly and on Google’s results pages to stay.
  2. When video’s are embedded on a website, visitors stay longer. Google measures the length a visitor stays on a site as an indication of a more relevant site, thus giving that site more value and higher rank. Comscore’s study backs this up, showing that on average people stayed two minutes longer on a website when they watched video.
  3. A Forrester study suggested that a product page with a video on it is 53 times more likely to achieve a page one listing on Google than those without video.
  4. According to a study by AimClear, videos in universal search results have a 41% higher click through rate than plain text.
  5. Major Internet etailers have embraced the use of videos with their online marketing efforts. Overstock has 166,499 videos on their website; Amazon 67,021.
  6. YouTube, a high value website, and owned by Google, passes a lot of link juice through the links on the video. Google has currently recognized over 500 links from YouTube to our various website pages.
  7. Our iboats brand is growing in brand recognition every time a video is viewed. Our videos, across all our YouTube channels have received over 70,000 views. And that is only over a short time span. As we continue to grow our video pool, this number will increase rapidly.
  8. Getting our videos embedded on other company’s websites. Currently 8% of our video views are coming from other websites that have embedded our videos on their site. This helps SEO link values as those video links are spread out wider over many websites.
  9. Mobile reach. With the increase in mobile smart phone use, our videos get viewed over these devices, thus increasing our brand awareness. Currently 21% of our video views are coming from mobile devices.
  10. YouTube Reach. Whenever you do a search in YouTube for a video, and after you watch that video, YouTube will display at the end of the video up to 12 suggested video images, as well as listing suggested videos off to the side. Optimizing our videos to be suggested by YouTube gives us greater exposure. Currently 48% of our video views are coming from YouTube’s suggested video area.
  11. Social sharing of videos has been on a growing upswing. Sites like Facebook and Twitter, and yes, Pinterest, are constantly sharing interesting and informational videos. Social sharing is a good way to increase brand awareness, thus adding to increased traffic numbers.

Videos are a great what to expand your reach, improve traffic and increase rankings.

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