What is Google Panda?

In the early part of 2011, Google introduced a change to their algorithm (A process or set of rules to be followed in calculated, problem solving computer operations for search engine results). They introduced a new part to their algorithm called Panda. Rumor has it that it was named after the Google engineer, Navneet Panda, who designed it.

Anyway, the new Panda addition is helping Google to fight against content robbers and spammers, rewarding those websites that have original, natural content, and penalizing those that have duplicate content, content that is copied and pasted from other Internet sources, to their website. Although we don’t know exactly how Panda works, there are indications that it can impact an entire site’s ranking, rather than just the individual pages on a site. So it is very important we follow the Panda guidelines to keep our website Panda-friendly.

With this brief introduction on Panda, I want to offer some guidelines that will help produce Panda-friendly websites:

  • Valuable Content – Our website should always contain valuable content that keeps the user thrilled and excited to read more. Our content should be very clear and explanatory about our business. If our website is filled with content but it is very poor content (not unique or of interest to readers), nobody will read it and we won’t get any real benefit from it. It is very important that we write fresh and valuable content. Make sure that our content is free of typos and grammatical errors.
  • Usable Content – Even if our website is filled of valuable content but people have trouble understanding the information, then that content doesn’t have much significance. Users tend to like having raw information shown to them and straight to the point content. Always keep the user interested in what you have to say later in your article or future articles.
  • Unique Content – Make sure that our content is always our own and unique, as in not copied off other sources. One of the biggest issues the Internet is facing right now is duplicate content. People tend to use online content and articles to increase the amount of content on their website. This is definitely wrong to do as we will not get any benefit from it and possibly even get banned. As long as we create our own unique content, we’re safe from the Panda update.

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