What is Google Think Insights Website

Google Think Insights

Google Think Insights

A couple of weeks ago Google launched its updated “Think Insights” website. Basically it is a center for compelling data, research and insight gathered by Google and other contributors to incite ideas and creative thinking in the Internet world.

The website “http://www.google.com/think/” lists research and case studies on various marketing and optimization processes, conveniently categorized by industry,  ad types and marketing objectives. It is a great place to stay on the cutting-edge of Internet marketing. The site also supports a creative sandbox, allowing you to submit and share your marketing campaigns, touting your creative genius and digital innovation.

Google Think Insights also has a section which lists all the various Google platforms, advertising products and useful tools. Many of the tools gives you insight into how to grow your brand by measuring audiences’ attitudes, perceptions and online activity. For example, the Google “Real-Time Insights Finder” helps you to see what people are looking for, how people are searching, where are people clicking, what people are saying and what people are watching.

In this fast-moving digital world, as an online merchant, it becomes critical to stay on top of new Internet marketing developments. Google Think Insights seems to provide all the necessary information, insights and tools to fulfill this need.

Explore it at: http://www.google.com/think/

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