Writing Good Content

Writing Good ContentGood, relevant content continues to be one of the more important strategies for optimizing web pages for the search engines. Equally important is writing content that is interesting and engaging for your website visitor. You need to employ a delicate balance when writing content for your web pages to achieve high rankings in the search engines. Here are some easy to follow best practices for content writing:

  1. Keyword Selection – Do your keyword homework first. Identify the keywords that you want to rank for, keeping them closely related. They should be unique and distinctive. Choose some head terms, as well as some long-tail terms to mix into your content.
  2. Keyword Use – Make sure that as you use your keywords within your content that they are naturally used, maintaining a balanced frequency.¬† Don’t overuse or under use the same keyword too many times. There are no specific limits that Google has published. Most SEO experts¬† indicate to keep the balance somewhere between 3 and 15 uses, depending on the word count of your content.
  3. Grammar and Spelling – Produce good content which is free of spelling and grammar errors. Take the time to proof your work. It may help to have a second set of eyes review your work for errors.
  4. Original РDo not copy content from the Internet. There are two reasons Р1) Plagiarism is not ethical.  2) Google will not give your page indexed-value if identical content can be found on another page.
  5. Relevancy – Write your content so that it is relevant to your page topic and relevant with your keywords.
  6. Title – Develop a title which uses some of your keywords. Keep the title consistent with your content and page topic.

As you follow these few simple best practices, overtime your web pages will climb in rank and increase in traffic.

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