YouTube – One Billion Strong and Growing

¬†Google’s YouTube recently hit a new milestone. They are now receiving more than 1 billion “unique visitors” every single month.

To put this in perspective, what exactly does a billion people represent?

  • Out of all the Internet users, 50% of them visits YouTube.
  • The monthly unique visitors to YouTube is the same as roughly 10 Super Bowl Audiences.
  • If YouTube were a country, it would be the third largest in the world after China and India.
  • 1 billion represents 15% of the world’s population. Every man, woman and child. Even those living in remote huts in Third World countries.

YouTube’s 1 billion milestone supports the importance of having a strong video presence on their platform. The top 100-big brand advertisers in the nation all are strong supporters of YouTube, with each of them running active YouTube channel campaigns. Take Coca Cola for example. Their channel of 1,628 videos has 116,073 subscribers with 130,072,875 video views. Compare that to their strong rival, Pepsi, with 773 videos, at 76,723 subscribers with 88,121,823. YouTube is definitely¬† a “must have” arrow in your online marketing quiver.

The following infographic illustrates ways that YouTube videos are accessed on the Internet:

YouTube - Gen C
According to Gunnard Johnson, Google’s Advertising Research Director, “The way people consume content is changing. For the first time, an entire generation has grown up watching content on their own terms. This generation is defined by the Internet, mobile and social — consuming content when and where they want. Nielsen Ratings calls this group Generation C because they are not just defined by their age group, but by their connected behavior.”

They found that the amount of time Gen C spends watching YouTube on their smartphones is up 74 percent from last year. In fact, in 2012 the number of Gen C viewers who regularly watch YouTube on smartphones caught up to the number of viewers tuning in on their PC’s. 67 percent of Gen C watch YouTube on two devices or more, compared to 53 percent of the general population.

YouTube - Gen C smart phone usage

It is important to pay attention to the viewing and buying habits of this Generation C. They are the new buyers of online products and services, and YouTube videos are certainly part of their daily routine.

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