YouTube – Value and Optimization

YouTubeYouTube continues to grow in dominance and use. To date, YouTube receives more than a billion unique visitors each month; over 4 billion of video hours are watched every month; over 25% of YouTube views come from mobile devices; 1 billion mobile YouTube views are watched each day.

Having a video presence on YouTube has never been more important for SEO, as it is now. However, opening a YouTube channel and throwing up some videos doesn’t necessarily give you the traffic, nor the value of having a video presence. It requires following some best practices of video optimization. Here are some basic guidelines that you can use to optimize your videos, your YouTube channel and your websites.


  1. Write a description using targeted keywords.
  2. In the description area, add a backlink to your website, starting the URL link with “http://.”
  3. Make sure that the title of your video file includes your targeted keywords.
  4. When adding the editing information to your video, pick an appropriate category.
  5. Add relevant tags that relate to the topic of your video.
  6. Share your videos on your websites, blogs and social channels.
  7. When embedding the YouTube code ony our website and other venues, surround the video with your targeted keywords in a description or introductory comments.
  8. Put your video above the fold on your website, encouraging engagement. Search engines give algorithm value to the length of time a searcher stays on your site and videos help to lengthen that time.

Following these simple guidelines will, in time, help to increase your traffic and link value to your targeted websites.

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